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Bar Runners

Brand boosting bar runners from Mat Creations

Put your brand front and centre - and ensure a clean point-of-sale environment - with bar runners from Mat Creations.

bullet Highlight your latest promotion

bullet Market products and special offers

bullet Improve the look of your bar/point of sale area

bullet Boost brand awareness on your premises

bullet Influence customers' purchasing decisions

bullet Maintain point of sale hygiene

The MC Bar Runner is designed to do the lot. And with its professional quality construction, it does the lot in unbeatable, market-leading style.

Bar runner mats compliment your brand strategy

The real beauty of bar runners from Mat Creations is their versatility. These are not just functional bar top mats. As part of our range of commercial mats, they are hugely effective sales message delivery systems.

Got a product that needs a bump? Do it at point of sale with a bar runner. Does your brand need a stronger presence on your premises? Bar runners will provide the necessary push.

Teamed up with our range of logo mats, a targeted bar runner campaign, whether brand or product focused, can put your key message to the fore.

And that's not all...

Keep your sales areas clean with bar runners

Making sure customers view your premises in the right light is not just about advertising. Perceptions of your brand are tied into the appearance and cleanliness of your space.

Like our entrance mats, Mat Creations bar runners are designed to catch dirt and moisture. At point of sale, that is crucial. After all, who could possibly feel encouraged to purchase goods and services if the environment is not up to scratch?

If you keep your sales areas clean and tidy and push your sales message in the process, you're on the right track.

Browse our range today and start moving your brand in the right direction. Alternatively, for more guidance, call us on 0161 335 9542 or email at

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