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Coir Mats

Coir mats are functional and fashionable

Our natural fibre coir mats are the very best entrance matting products on the market. Hard-wearing, professional and functional, they are second to none when it comes to ensuring dust and dirt is scraped from visitors' feet before they enter your premises.

But that's not all...

We have combined the market-leading cleaning qualities of our standard coir mat products with the design-forward, brand-enhancing strength of our logo mats to create a hybrid: the MC CoirLogo mat.

MC CoirLogo
MC CoirLogo
Natural fibre well mat
Personalised designs
Hard wearing surface
MC CoirMat
MC CoirMat
Natural fibres
Well fitted or loose lay
Hard wearing

Why coir matting works

The natural fibres in the Mat Creations range of coir mats are robust. That makes them ideal for areas of high footfall, where they can get to work cleaning the footwear of everyone entering your building.

In doing so, they ensure your workspace remains:

bullet Clean

bullet Hygienic

bullet Safe

bullet Attractive

And if you opt for the logo version, that's all topped off with an all-important piece of immediate brand reinforcement. Talk about making the right first impression!

Is a coir mat right for your business?

Our coir mats are ideally suited to almost every business going. Whether you're a golf course in Gillingham, a nightclub in Nottingham or a chip shop in Chippenham, our custom fit or loose lay coir well mats will do the job.

Team one up with any of our professional-quality indoor mats, and enjoy the best dirt and dust prevention system - and the cleanest floors - in the country.

In fact, we're so confident in our coir products, each comes with a 12-month manufacturing guarantee. Our workmanship will not fail you - that's a promise.

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