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Commercial Mats

Why your business NEEDS commercial mats

Whatever your business, commercial mats are a necessity. Whether it's floor mats for the office, business logo mats to boost your brand or commercial-quality entrance matting to protect your premises, quality floor coverings are absolutely essential.

Our office and business mats help:

bullet Protect expensive flooring

bullet Enhance your brand

bullet Guard against slips and trips

bullet Reduce your cleaning bills

bullet Promote key products and sales messages

With all that in one package, the question to ask is: Can your company afford not to invest in the best commercial mats on the market?

The benefits of good business matting

The benefits of professional quality office matting are clear. Properly employed, they can help your business in three major areas.

Health & Safety - entrance mats can catch up to 85% of tracked-in dirt and moisture, reducing the risk of slips and trips in the workplace.

Expenditure - a good quality office floor mat will protect expensive flooring, increasing its lifespan and reducing your cleaning bills.

Marketing - commercial mats (like our ever-popular bar runners) can be used to increase your brand presence or push key sales messages anywhere on your premises.

Why trust Mat Creations' business mats?

We've spent the last decade developing and manufacturing commercial mats for all sorts of businesses - and we believe we're the best. We pour every ounce of our experience into every mat we produce and the results speak for themselves.

Our business really IS your business - and in our hands an office floor mat is not just an office floor mat: it's a multi-functional business tool, designed to boost your brand and protect you from accidents.

Get in touch today to see what we can do for your organisation.

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