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Fixed Tile Systems

For heavy duty entrance mats that look good while offering state-of-the-art practicality and performance, look no further than our range of fixed tile systems.

The innovative design of these mats mean they catch all of the dirt and grime you don't want in your premises, while offering customers and staff optimum levels of comfort and protection.

Don't just take our word for it though - browse the individual characteristics of each system and find out why one of them is bound to provide a fixed solution for you.

MC ObexInterior

MC Obex Interior Entrance System

Available in a range of colours and designs, the MC Obex Interior Entrance System benefits from four-step technology - meaning it offers a completely practical solution without having to compromise on design.

Designed for commercial entrance use, the mat is available in fully bespoke sizes, and the Mat Creations modular system even means it can be cut into complex shapes - perfect for entranceways a little out of the ordinary.

MC ObexExterior

MC Obex Exterior Entrance System

A fixed tile mat that offers both style and practicality, countless businesses have taken advantage of the MC Obex Exterior Entrance System. Rugged enough to deal with heavy footfall, yet easy enough on the eye to provide the perfect welcome, it also benefits from anti-slip technology - ensuring the safety of both your customers and staff in bad weather.

MC ObexMulti

MC Obex Multi Entrance System

A versatile solution that can offer both internal and external areas of your business protection, the MC Obex Multi Entrance System provides the ultimate in both soil removal and moisture absorbance.

Another mat that offers good looks and practicality - with the added bonus of being suitable for a variety of uses.

MC Connex

MC Connex Entrance Matting

A modular tile system that allows any size or shape of mat well to be installed, MC Connex mats are extremely durable and effective. Not only that, but the system's innovative design means that individual sections can be replaced by changing only single tiles, as opposed to the whole thing.

Available in two different colour ranges sure to compliment any existing interior design concepts, our MC Connex Entrance Matting solutions are some of the most versatile on the market.


For more information on our Fixed Tile Systems, and to see if any of our previous work piques your interest, have a look at our MC Obex Gallery, or simply get in touch to find out what fixed solutions would work best for your business.

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