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Well Mats

Protect your premises with top quality well mats

Whatever your business, our well mats are the perfect solution to the problem of keeping your premises clean - and keeping staff and visitors safe.

Each of Mat Creations' well mats is designed and manufactured specifically for areas of high footfall. Positioned at entrances, each will grab dust, dirt and moisture from visitors' shoes; helping to ensure your premises look fantastic AND reducing the risk of slips and trips.

Whether it's for an office, a call centre, a pub, a golf club, or anything else you might care to mention, we've got a well mat to suit.

Our range of well matting products

The MC WellMat is ideally suited to a wide range of business types, from schools to restaurants to retail outlets, and to top it off, it is fully customisable.

Each features:

bullet Synthetic surface

bullet Crush proof texture

bullet Customised designs or logos

bullet 12 month guarantee

The MC CoirMat is the ultimate in natural, hard-wearing well matting. Custom-sized and fitted into a well at the entrance to your premises, it provides the very best in terms of both looks and function.


bullet 100% natural coir fibres

bullet Tough dirt-grabbing action

bullet Custom sizes

bullet 12 month guarantee

The MC CoirLogo has all the features our standard coir well mats have, but it can also be customised to include your corporate logo or a key sales message. Boost your brand and improve your corporate image - all while maintaining a clean and safe business environment.

The benefits of professional quality well mats

Maintaining an attractive business environment is not just about function, it's also about fashion. Well mats come into their own in both departments. When employed as entrance mats, their hard-wearing natural fibres are perfect for ensuring footwear is scraped clean on the way into your premises, but they also look great.

Call it retro, vintage, whatever you like. All we know is, they look great. Check out the range today.

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