Nine Reasons Your Business Needs Non Slip Mats

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Non slip mats have a range of benefits that are not limited to the obvious one of reducing slippages in the workplace.


In this post, we list the nine reasons why they are something you may want to consider for your place of work.


They Reduce Slips


An obvious starting point, but it should not be forgotten just how important the primary function of an anti-slip mat can be.


Non slip mats increase grip, they turn a potentially hazardous floor into one that anyone can be sure-footed on.


Slips may sound innocuous, but a slip can be anything from a slip where we stumble, but don’t fall and no harm is done, to a slip that has serious consequences.


If people are slipping in the workplace then, eventually, one of these slips will be serious.


Non Slip Mats reduce Accidents


Not every slip leads to an accident and not every accident is caused by a slip.


The mats cannot therefore be called non accident mats as they cannot prevent every cause of accident - however, in many regards it would be an accurate description.


Non slip mats stop people from slipping and breaking a bone or taking an impact injury. They stop people from slipping and, as they fall, catching their head on a table.


By preventing slips the risk is also reduced of people slipping, falling and dropping items - either breaking this item or injuring themselves - or potentially both.


At the swimming pool, the non-slip mat stops the child from slipping and hitting their head, at the factory it stops someone slipping and falling on to a concrete floor.


They reduce and potentially eradicate slips and, more importantly, do the same for many accidents.


They Counter Spillages and Dirt


Many floors might give reasonable traction when dry and clean, but problems arise as they get damp or dirty.


Any spillage can be a major issue, immediately making the floor dangerous - someone might spill liquid, go to get cleaning material and, in the meantime, someone unaware of the spill enters and slips.


Non slip mats make these everyday occurrences, the small spills, the traipsing in of dirt and dust less of a concern. With a non-slip mat, the floor is still secure, it can still be confidently walked across even after a spillage.


Non Slip Mats Reduce Time Off Work


An obvious side effect of anyone slipping and injuring themselves is that they are likely to then need time off work.


This time off work will impact productivity, it could have a major knock-on effect on the work of others. The person who has suffered the injury might also feel an understandable reluctance to trust to a workplace where they suffered an injury.


Given non slip mats are affordable and long-lasting, they are likely to move than pay for themselves simply by saving time off work.


Often, if a non-slip mat saves a single day off work it will have effectively paid for itself.


They Demonstrate A Duty of Care


Employers have an obvious duty to provide their employees with a safe place of work.


If people are having to walk in an area that has the potential to be slippery and so a cause of injury then this duty, at least in part, is not being fully met.


A non-slip mat helps to make a safer workplace, this of course a clear health and safety responsibility.


It is worth noting that this duty of care can also reduce the risk of facing litigation should anyone suffer an injury. If someone has an accident at work, being able to demonstrate that reasonable safety precautions were in place is advantageous.


Non Slip Mats Can Reduce Fatigue


A non-slip mat can also be a specialist anti-fatigue mat, these are proven to reduce the impact of standing for lengthy periods on a hard floor.


Standing on a hard floor leads to the legs and feet remaining in a static position, blood pools, muscles fatigue and the heart must work harder. Lower limb and lower back pain then become extremely common.


However, research by multiple Universities, including Loughborough, Michigan and Reims has shown that softer, anti-fatigue mats can reduce the problems by up to 50%. The softer mats lead to the person standing making small, imperceptible shifts in their stance and posture, these enough to keep the blood flowing and reduce fatigue and aches.


Back ache pains account for around 10 million days off ill in the UK every year, a mat that not only counters spills but also makes standing at work more comfortable has multiple benefits.


Non Slip Mats Can Act As A Visual Warning


While the mats can be plain black and completely unobtrusive, they can also have printed patterns and designs.


In areas where there is a concern over spills, these might be warnings - for instance on the factory on production line floor the mats might have yellow and black stripes to indicate the edge of furniture and shelving.


If social distancing needs to be adhered to, the non-slip mats can have these warnings and markings displayed, or arrows to show the correct route to follow.


Full colour printing is available on non-slip mats and so any messaging a business requires can be added.


Non slip mats to boost brand awareness


The non-slip mats do not have to be purely functional; they can also help boost the brand.


The entrance to a shop is a good example, a non slip mat might be required as people enter from outside, but this does not have to be a drab mat.


Instead, it can proudly showcase the company artwork or other logo, potentially helping to draw customers in.


The mats could also advertise products, at a car showroom this could be details of the latest model or an attractive finance offer.


It is possible to get creative and see the mats not only as a safety precaution, but also as a way of advertising and helping increase sales, loyalty or improve another metric.


Equally, they could just create a superb first impression - a school with a stylish, printed non slip mat rather than a rather tatty affair.


They Are Affordable


Prices of course vary dependent on type of mat and size - please contact us for a quick quote.


What we can say is that non slip mats tend not to be a major expense for a business and any cost if easily offset against the fact they reduce time off work.


To use the old saying, it is also true that you get what you pay for. Our mats come with lengthy guarantees and so will last many years in constant use giving an excellent returns on investment,  Other suppliers may have guarantees of just a few months with product not designed to last, losing it functionality in the process.


About Mat Creations


At Mat Creations, we have a huge range of health and safety mats and mats of all types and can work with your brand to create a high quality finished product.


We would be happy to provide further advice and give an obligation free quote should that be of use.


Please contact us by calling 0161 320 3637, emailing or sending an enquiry via our Contact Form.

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