Retail Mats

At Mat Creations, we understand the requirements placed on retail matting and have a full range of retail mats to address your various needs. Starting with the visitor approach, we have a number of options suited to use outside that will begin to clean feet before entry to the building. Mat Creations Printed Logo Mats can be deployed in areas of high wear by simply rolling into place. Designed as a safe and durable retail mat product, they can be deployed throughout the store to reduce dirt migration and wear patterns where people congregate.

Rapid Proof Service. Supply your logo and we’ll get back to you within 30 Minutes. Call 0161 335 9542 to find out more.
  • Intel Logo
  • TNT Logo
  • Virgin Money Logo
  • Vodafone Logo
  • Lego Logo
  • Betfair Logo
  • Mastercard Logo
  • O2 Logo
  • Wstern Union Logo
  • William Hill Logo
  • Addidas Logo
  • Xbox Logo
  • London 2021 Logo
  • Rio 2016 Logo
  • National Lottery Logo
Not sure what you’re looking for?

Simply tell us what you need and we will supply the personalised logo mats exactly to your requirements.

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