Our Environmental Responsibility


Within Manchester Manufacturing Group we strive for continual improvements in both our products and processes to constantly minimise the effect we have on the environment. Product design, production processes and packaging are constantly reviewed and updated as improvements are identified.

All our products are made to order on a just in time principle by the greenest methods available to us, which means our customers order just what they want when for when they want it - dramatically reducing unwanted stock, often completely negating it.

Reducing unwanted stock and waste is paramount to us – it’s simple if you don’t need it then don’t make it – less material, less energy, less waste, reduced environmental impact.

The vast majority of product supplied from our Mat Creations division is made to order, so no product is created unless it has a use, no surplus and production process waste is recycled within production.

Additionally the quality of our matting is as high as the industry can supply meaning products typically have expected life spans in excess of 5 years, often considerably longer, meaning product replenishment and the need to remanufacture is extremely low which clearly has tremendous environment benefits.

Fundamental to build quality is material choice, we need hard wearing long lasting materials to achieve the life expectancy, but also need to consider environmental impact. Recently as part of our general environmental sourcing policies we were able to utilise a new recycled yarn for our logo matting, which made use of waste material going to land fill but also made use of ocean waste, fishing nets.

Econyl is a new yarn from the company Aquafil in Italy which uses waste nylon in various forms including fishing nets, recovered from fish farms and also the ocean bed, in 2021 Healthy Seas an Aquafil initiative recovered 188,500 kgs of fishing nets and other waste from the ocean working with 1250 fishers and fish farmers.

Old carpet destined for landfill is also recycled to Econyl, in the US each year 1.82 Billion KG’s of carpet is discarded to landfill. Aquafil has two carpet recycling facilities in the US recycling up to 33 million KG’s of old carpet otherwise buried in landfill.

In addition Aquafill has established an international network set up to recover materials at end of life that can be recycled to Econyl, leading brands such as Napapijr, Speedo and Gucci are involved in special take back projects again reducing landfill and supporting this circular apparel collection.

More information can be found on the Econyl web site.

Manchester Manufacturing Group is constantly re-evaluating material use and choice to offer you sound environmentally considered options, manufactured in the cleanest ways available to us to ensure our Legacy is a good one. 

The diagram below depicts this circular material usage.