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We offer a considerable range of commercial matting products, we do this because matting is designed to cater for many different solutions, from keep the dirt out of my building mats, stop people slipping or falling health and safety matting, through to wow visitors with great first impression logo matting, specifications for these products vary considerably between solutions. Our team are here to advise which solutions are right for you and ensure you purchase the right solution at the right price.

To support these decisions in addition to the consultative advice, we can also provide sample product so you can compare colour in the case of logo matting or demonstrate pile depth and texture in the case of more functional keep the dirt out of my building matting solutions. In many cases solutions are compulsive and fairly evident but at times samples can be very useful, for instance to check door clearance, a small sample thrown into place can often offer piece of mind before placing an order.

Full size actual samples can also be provided in advance of larger projects, which can be used to help sign off, particularly useful for advertising point of sale mats, where the sample can be used to ensure colours, layout etc is correct before we manufacture larger quantities. Typically be build the sample into the proofing process as part of the overall order.


If in any doubt at all please discuss which samples we have available for each product range with our team who’ll help you through your decision process.

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Simply tell us what you need and we will supply the personalised logo mats exactly to your requirements.

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