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Mat Creations are the leading supplier of printed floor mats in the UK, including all types of logo mats and mats suitable for an entrance, internal and external usage.

With HD printing capabilities, we endure faithful reproduction of all artwork, logos, text and other messaging. The mats are built to last, with lengthy guarantees as standard.

We are proud that our printed floor mats are used by a wide range of businesses and institutions, and by organisations of all sizes, ranging from small businesses and start-ups through to world-renowned brands such as Lego, Mastercard, O2, Virgin and many more besides.

Types of Printed Floor Mat

Often known as logo mats, or printed logo mats, these mats are suitable for a wide range of purposes and settings.

The most common form of logo mat is a rubber-backed, printed mat. These mats are highly versatile, coming in a range of standard sizes with bespoke sizing also possible.

Pantone Matching

It is possible to print anything on these mats, with Pantone matching available - simply send us the artwork and we can print it to the mat. Indeed, such is the quality of printing that an 11-year colourfast guarantee is offered.

Hardwearing fibre logo mats, as the name implies, are suitable for where there is increased wear and tear likely - we provide this form of matting at sports stadia, for areas pitchside as the players run out.

Coir Printed Mats

Coir mats have an altogether different look, using a reduced colour palette to make a stunning version of any logo or artwork, this the type of matting seen at many coffee houses for instance.

However, we do not wish this page to be a list of mat types, especially when on this site there are further details for every available type of mat.

Instead, we suggest getting in touch so we can discuss your requirements. By asking a few simple questions we can assess which type of mat would be best suited to your needs and then make sensible suggestions.

Benefits of Custom logo Mats

High-quality custom logo mats have a range of benefits, these going far beyond the obvious fact that they stop dirt and water ingress into the building.

All our logo mats and printed mats also work as superb marketing or branding tools. Everyone looks at their feet on entering or stepping on a mat, and so they automatically notice whatever is printed.

This might be your logo and company details, or some form of advertising. It could also be a special offer or promotion. Some have a range of mats and so can use different ones for different days, a hairdresser for instance might have a mat to remind people that Thursday is a 20% off day.

Entrance mats also put you in the mind of a potential customer even if they do not enter. Imagine walking through a mall and happening to notice that same hairdresser's mat - you might not need a trim right now, but when you come to book you might just remember their name.

Safety First through logo mats

The promotional message also does not need to be marketing based or have corporate branding. We supply personalised logo mats to any schools and similar facilities, here the text might spell out the school motto.

A logo mat is also of safety benefit. When a suitable mat for the level of foot traffic, it will keep floors clean, and with it dry. The danger of a slip hazard is therefore removed, while rubber backing ensures the mat stays in position.

The mats also keep key areas clean, for instance, the heavy footfall reception areas. Cleaning bills can be reduced, and there is typically less need for floor repairs or even the expense of replacement flooring.

Personalised Logo Mat

We stock a huge range of logo mats and these in custom sizes.

At Mat Creations, we believe in making the order process straightforward. Samples are available and so too small minimum order quantity sizes. Enquiries can be submitted through our online enquiry form and we would also love to discuss requirements over the phone or by email.

With HD printing on site, orders can be turned around quickly and Fastrack options are available. We also provide free UK delivery.

Printed Logo Mats - Key Benefits at a glance

  • Custom sizes available
  • Hard wearing
  • Suitable for heavy footfall
  • Easy ordering, including ability to upload artwork
  • Guarantees both for the may's durability and colour printing
  • Range of materials available, including coir
  • Free quotations
  • Rubber backed to prevent slips
  • Can be recess fitted
  • Mats available for internal use, external and also reception area
  • Mats Creations has a five-star rating

Printed floor mats - Next Steps

Do you want to read thousands of words, or would a conversation with experts be of more value? We have an unmatched reputation and provide the same levels of quality to all clients - whether that is a small local business, or a global brand.

Please take the time to browse the site to get a sense for styles, key information and prices but do also contact us.

One conversation can spare a lot of wasted time and effort, in far less time than it takes to visit the out-of-town DIY superstore we can be sending you examples of suitable mats, helping you to make an informed decision.

Free samples are available on many forms of printed floor mat.

About Mat Creations

At Mat Creations, we have a huge range of mats of all types and can work with your brand to create a high-quality finished product.

We would be happy to provide further advice and give an obligation-free quote should that be of use.

Please contact us by calling 0161 320 3637, emailing or sending an enquiry via our Contact Form.

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