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Safety mats are of vital importance in many settings and for many industries but they are also an item you have to get right.


Often they are used where safety is paramount, this might be the floor of a soft play area, around a swimming pool or changing area, or in an industrial setting.


At Mat Creations, we create safety mats for every type of setting and we can advise you as to which would be the best suited to your needs.


Our mats are also that perfect balance of being affordable yet built to last - many with guarantees of up to five years. This ensures that you can buy once with confidence, knowing that the safety mat will help protect visitors and employees for many years to come.


The Importance of Safety Matting


Health and safety is of prime importance in any setting, though the requirements do vary by location - clearly a swimming pool requires a different form of safety matting to the entrance to a building.


Purposes of Safety Matting

The matting helps to prevent slips and trips


Quite aside from the moral requirement to install matting that helps prevent accidents, the financial reassurance this matting can provide is also worth noting. If the slip leads to an accident that is deemed to have been preventable, damages can run to tens of thousands of pounds (£11,820 to £55,590 the range for a minor to severe knee injury).

With the correct matting installed, not only is the accident far less likely but, in the unlikely event someone does trip or slip, it is far less likely that negligence will be found.

They help to protect fatigue


Standing all day on a hard floor can lead to pain and potential health implications in the long term.

At Mat Creations we have specialist anti-fatigue mats, but many health and safety mats also perform this function.

A good example would be the factory floor or swimming pool. The mats here may be to primarily prevent slips and mitigate the impact of liquid on the floor, but they also help to cushion the hard floor. For the factory worker, or lifeguard, this is an important benefit.

They can help prevent electrocution.

If you are working in an environment where the mats have to provide this function, please contact us so we can discuss which options best suit your needs.


Safety mats, or at least those specially made for the purpose in hand, remove one thing to worry about.


The child running round the pool when they should be walking, the spillage on the factory floor, the entrance to the office, straight from the rain outside on to a polished floor… All these can be made safer.


Forms of Safety Matting


At Mat Creations, we provide a range of different forms of health and safety matting. We are also happy to advise - we appreciate not everyone is an expert on which type of matting they need for their location.


Full details of each form of matting mentioned below, including specifications and images are on this site.


Anti slip mats


These are a cost-effective solution that reduces slips in wet or dry areas.


They can have a logo printed or other image (caution, watch your step - for example) and there are versions that are suitable for every conceivable setting.


The entrance mat for a luxury hotel and the mat required on a factory floor might not look the same, but there are anti-slip mats that are perfect for both.


Cleated Rubber Logo Mats


We are the leading specialist in customised safety logo mats.


Our mats are always personalised, factoring your design, the dimensions of the mat and the specifications - for instance thickness.


The cleated mats are moulded all-rubber graphic logo mats with cleats to scrape shoes clean, a containment border then traps the moisture.


Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and oil and grease resistant, they come with a five-year guarantee, this a level of guarantee we believe is unmatched.


Embossed mats


These heavy-duty mats are rubber backed and so do not slip.


They can be used inside or out, with common applications the entrance to a school, hotel, office or inside any of these settings in the reception area.


The mats come with a five-year manufacturer guarantee and also an 11-year guarantee against significant colour loss, this testament to our printing quality.


You do not have to worry that your mat will start to look tatty, it is guaranteed to stay vibrant for many years to come.


Poolside safety mats


This matting is the most effective way to minimise slips around the poolside, as well as changing areas and other wet areas.


This form of matting is lightweight and can lock together, making it suitable for large areas, it is also warm underfoot and has an anti-microbial additive.


The guarantee covers two years, or two million crossings.


Tiled Safety Mats


A modular, interlocking form of tile, these are an anti-slip form of safety matting that again is perfect in wet areas.


They can be a superb choice for use outside as they have high UV resistance. The mats have a three year / 3 million crossing guarantee.



Contact Us For Further Information


At Mat Creations, we have a huge range of health and safety mats and mats of all types and can work with your brand to create a high quality finished product.


We would be happy to provide further advice and give a no obligation free quote should that be of use.


Please contact us by calling 0161 320 3637, emailing or sending an enquiry via our Contact Form.


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