Anti Fatigue Mats

We provide anti fatigue mats for a variety of environments: industrial, front of house, kitchens and more. Most are backed by 100% Nitrile rubber designed to insulate against cold floors as well of course of their all-important anti fatigue, anti slip properties.

 Five Year Guarantee on Fatigue Mats

Any UK employer standing on their feet for prolonged periods with be grateful for your provision of an anti-fatigue mat. Ours are so durable that we give you a five year guarantee. Many of our anti-fatigue floor mats are customisable too, so can be branded with your logo or messaging.  Whether opting for cushioned, comfort or orthopaedic mats, we have the right mat for most work stations. The reduction in foot and lower limb disorders from prolonged standing makes fatigue matting the right choice for any workplace where employees face prolonged standing.