Entrance Mats A Must-Have For Clean Offices

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Every office manager, indeed every person working in an office knows that an office should be clean, however one aspect of the cleaning process is often overlooked.


An office entrance mat can help solve many cleaning issues at source, they can help leave the office in a better state and also helps the business to save money.


In this post, we look at why an entrance mat is truly vital for any business. We hope that by the end (if not halfway through!) you will be convinced too.


Entrance Mats Stop The Problem At Source


Much of the ongoing battle to keep offices clean occurs because dirt and dust enters the office space.


An outdoor entrance mat, however effective, is never going to keep 100% of all dirt and dust out the building, but it will help to greatly reduce what gets walked in.


For offices with light footfall and where shoes tend to be relatively clean and dry, a high quality printed mat may be the best option, when footfall is higher or mud and more significant dirt a more common issue a material such as coir (natural coconut fibre) might be the better choice.


In either case, having less dirt come into the office can only be beneficial - if the majority of dirt is walked in, then this singular change, a high quality entrance mat, will have the biggest impact on office cleanliness.


An Entrance Mat Helps Maintain A More Constant Level of Cleanliness


All offices require the services of cleaners, but cleaners are not constantly working, circulating the office, looking for any dirt to address.


Inbetween these larger cleans, the office will get dirty once more, in many cases it can feel as if it is dirty again almost as soon as the clean has finished.


An entrance mat is one way to help make these cycles not quite so noticeable, to help make it so that the office retains a better level of cleanliness in-between those deeper cleans.


This ongoing level of cleanliness also has the potential to reduce cleaning bills - the cleaner the office, the less time or fewer people required to clean and so there are savings to be enjoyed.


An Entrance Mat Encourages Good Habits


A prominent entrance mat will be used, anyone entering - whether staff or visitor - will wipe their feet, it is a natural reaction.


It is to be hoped that this attitude then permeates into the office, the entrance mat shows that care is taken over office appearance and so, in that mindset, people are that bit more likely to carry on taking care of their surroundings.


Clean, tidy spaces tend to stay that way - people don’t want to be the one that creates a mess. However, dirtied, untidy spaces tend to only get worse.


The Entrance Mat Protects The Floor


Office floors are often fairly expensive, they are certainly not something any business owner would want to replace or repair on a regular basis.


An entrance mat helps to absorb water and so removes the moisture that can greatly reduce the lifespan of any floor, especially wooden floors as are common in many offices,


Even if bought solely for this reason, a quality entrance mat would make sound economic sense as they help to save more in repairs than they cost.


The Entrance Mat reduces The Risk of Accident


The main benefit might be in terms of greater cleanliness, but an entrance mat can also make the floor safer and so reduce the risk of accidents.


Water or dirt ingress on to the floor can create a slip hazard and the consequence of a slip can be great - leading to injury and potentially time off work.


A simple entrance mat can stop water and dust getting on to the floor and so greatly reduce the chances of a slip hazard being created.



The Entrance Mat Acts As Advertising


Admittedly, this benefit doesn’t help with keeping the office clean, but it is an important extra advantage.


An entrance mat that contains a high quality imprint of your logo or other message helps boost awareness. The impact can be similar to signage, all acting to help create the visual identity of the business and keeping it in people’s minds.


Signage and other visual identifiers such as the company website are of undeniable importance, but an entrance mat should not be forgotten - these boost awareness at a fraction of the cost.



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