7 Ways Coir Mats Will Benefit Your Business

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When choosing an entrance mat, a business has a number of options and the choice can be confusing.


The need for some form of mat might be obvious, but then which one is the most suitable?


In many cases, there will be nothing more suited to the job than a coir mat - in this post, we look at the key benefits of this form of matting.


They Provide Exceptional Dirt Removal


All mats remove dirt from shoes and protect the floor beyond, but the ability to carry out this task varies. Some are more suited to light footfall or dealing with shoes that are generally clean.


In other cases, something that bit more robust is required, a mat that can help remove the dust and dirt of outside, potentially even when people have walked along muddy paths or similar.


Coir mats will remove a large amount of dirt even when footfall is high, this makes them a popular choice for pubs and restaurants where there are often a high number of patrons, muddy shoes, and a wooden floor to be protected.


Coir Copes Well With Moisture


Made from a natural product - coconut fibres - coir mats have superb absorbency, helping to wipe the water as people enter and so further protect the floor.


Schools are one example of where coir mats are commonly seen - if they can cope with school children coming off the school field on a wet autumn day they can cope with anything!


Coir Mats Can Fit a Mat Recess Well


Made to a custom size to perfectly fit in your mat well.


Having a mat custom sized to fit the shallow recess ensures it will remain perfectly in place until deliberately removed for cleaning, but there are aesthetic advantages too.


A welcome mat, potentially with a logo, set into the floor can add a touch of class to the entrance, helping to turn the mat into a feature, and one that reinforces the company logo and so, with this, brand awareness.


They Look Superb


Coir mats appeal to a huge range of businesses and organisations - we supply them to schools, pubs, restaurants, leisure facilities and businesses across all sectors.


They are as suited to a bowling alley as they are to a luxury car showroom.


The fibres, coming in a range of subtle colours, blend with any flooring, while there is then the option to have your logo added. Often, this will be in one or two colours to create a striking, classy effect, but brighter options are available too, perhaps to create a more vibrant or youthful look.


They Help The Customer Save Money


A quality entrance mat pays for itself and more by protecting the floor beyond.


It has been proven that the mat can add years to the life of a floor, this especially true of wooden floors, and so the small investment in a quality mat can save thousands of pounds in expensive floor repairs or replacement.


Getting the right mat is also important in this regard. A business with light footfall may not require a coir mat, a slightly cheaper printed logo mat might be sufficient, however a business that does have heavier footfall would be advised to opt for coir or similar.



Coir Logo Mats Can Help Increase Brand Awareness


As mentioned in passing above, a high quality logo mat helps to advertise your business or organisation - this of course true of any mat and not limited to coir products.


Businesses spend thousands of pounds on signage, they have expensive websites and these are important investment. A mat, however, can also improve brand awareness and potentially for a fraction of the cost. Every time someone walks past, or enters they see the mat, it is another touchpoint with your organisation.


We would suggest that a high quality mat with your logo applied creates a better impression than a tatty generic mat that looks to have seen better days.


They Are Affordable


The price will vary based on the size, shape and nature of any logo, but coir mats are an affordable option.


They are built to last and have a 12-month guarantee as standard.


Please contact us if you would like an obligation free quote.



Contact Us For Further Information


At Mat Creations, we have a huge range of coir mats and mats of all types and can work with your brand to create a high quality finished product.


We would be happy to provide further advice and give an obligation free quote should that be of use.


Please contact us by calling 0161 320 3637, emailing sales@mat-creations.com or sending an enquiry via our Contact Form.

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