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A logo mat is an affordable way to create a superb first visual impression as customers enter your building.


In a recent post, we looked at the many benefits of this form of mat. Now it is time to showcase some of the best examples of logo mats.


It is of course worth noting that this is a very quick list and in no way meant to be representative of the full range of options.


Whether it is a high quality printed mat, or a durable coir mat, or a long-lasting outdoor logo mat, we have the ability to create the perfect end product for your requirements.


Functional Standard Print Mats



A standard print mat will be suitable in many situations - it is a low cost option that is affordable yet creates a strong visual impression.


If footfall is light they are suitable - that is not to say they are not durable, just that for heavily used areas an alternate option might be a better long-term investment.


A large colour palette is available ensuring your logo can be created accurately, with Pantone matching available. The mats have anti-slip backing and are easy to maintain, they can be washed at 40 degrees.


Our confidence in this product is shown by the two-year manufacturing guarantee and 11-year colourfast guarantee.


A range of sizes are available, with bespoke possible too.


Premium Printed Mats


A hugely popular option, premium printed mats are used by brands such as Aston Martin, and also as the entrance mat to schools, colleges and playgroups. This is an option that is suitable for a huge range of businesses and organisations.


The quality of the finish and printing creates a superb first impression, while the durability of the mats ensures they can cope with high footfall and are built to last.


A choice of backings are available, we can advise on the best option for your needs. As with the standard mats, there are lengthy guarantees and these can be cleaned by standard washing at 40 degrees.


Pantone matching is available to ensure the mat perfectly encapsulates your brand.



High Definition Print Mats



These mats are similar to the premium printed mats, but have a straight set tufted pile that enables them to show finer degree of graphical detail. This can be important where there is small text, or the mat is designed to create an exact representation of a picture - as shown in the example above.


These mats are commonly used for advertising and POS activity; they are suitable for high footfall.


These mats are the highest graphic option available.


The choice of backings, guarantees and care instructions are the same as for the premium printed mats.



Coir logo mats



Coir logo mats are made from coconut fibres and they create a mat that is extremely durable, hard wearing and adept at removing dirt from shoes in areas of high traffic.


A range of colours is available, these combined to make your logo, or a version of it with reduced colour palette. The end result is a logo mat that is classy yet also incredibly practical - helping any business to save against the cost of floor repairs.


The mats can be loose lay, but custom fit is also available and all come with a 12-month guarantee. Bespoke sizes are available.


Coir mats are popular with a huge range of different organisations, with many schools and sports clubs using them but also a higher array of businesses across sectors. Pubs and the hospitality trade also often use coir mats.



Cleated Rubber Logo Mats



Cleated rubber logo mats are moulded, all-rubber logo mats, the face cleats serve to wipe shoes clean. There is an additional border around the outside that traps moisture to prevent spread to the floor.


The fact that these are entirely made of rubber and are oil and chemical resistant makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, especially areas of high footfall and also where visitors are likely to have wet or dirty shoes.


A printed design is incorporated into the mat - this can be a logo, but it could equally be a health and safety message or welcome message to visitors.


These mats come in three standard sizes and a five-year guarantee is provided

 Hard Wearing Fibre Logo Mats



As the name implies, hard wearing fibre logo mats are extremely durable, for this reason they are often used outside a building. Being exposed to the elements is not a problem for them.


They have course fibres through which the water can run off, with coarse dirt released and washed away.


Sun light is also not a problem, it won’t fade the logo - the printing process has been refined to take the impact of the British summer and winter into account.


These mats combine the highest degree of durability with the top levels of definition, thus creating a mat that has unmatched durability but also works as a stunning entrance to your property.


The quality is demonstrated by the two-year manufacturing and 11-year colour fast guarantees.


Seven custom sizes are available, but bespoke sizes can be made; Pantone matching is available for colours.



Choosing the Perfect Logo Mat


Given the number of options, it can be hard to know which mat would be the best fit for your purposes - finding a mat that is suitable for the footfall and placement, but equally not spending on features and durability that won’t be required.


If you need any advice, please contact us - if you give us details of the placement and purpose of the mat we can provide you with options and an obligation-free quote.


To contact us, please call 0161 320 3637, emailing or sending an enquiry via our Contact Form.

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