How Logo Mats Boost Your Business Image

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All businesses look for competitive edges and appearance can be key to this - whether this is through website design, signage or other means.


One option that is cost effective, has practical benefits and also boosts image is the choice of a high quality logo mat.


A vibrant or classy logo mat will create an excellent first impression while a shabby mat or even the absence of one and the ensuing dirt and dust will have the opposite effect.


Choosing the right, high quality logo mat will boost your business image in the following ways.


  1. Draw Attention To Your Business


Depending on the precise location, the entrance mat may be clearly visible as people walk past - for example the entrance mat to a shop in a retail mall.


As people wander past, they notice this mat and this can have one of two positive effects. It can immediately serve as a reminder, as a prompt that sees the person enter to make a purchase or enquiry.


Alternatively, the person might not be drawn in, but it is another touchpoint with your business. It is another reminder of your services and another mental link made. It increases the chances that when they do require your form of services it will be your business they think of.


  1. Demonstrate Attention To Detail


A well-made, high quality entrance mat with your logo shows that you care about the business, it suggests that you get the details right.


It is similar to how stock is displayed, or the cleanliness of the windows, it is another small touch that completes the overall whole. Nobody would mention a logo mat when talking about your business - ‘I like it especially because of the mat as you go in’ yet it is a factor that adds to the subconscious mental image a potential customer has.


Essentially, a business either creates an impression that they are well managed and maintained or otherwise - items such as the quality of the logo mat all play a part.



  1. The impact is similar to signage - at a fraction of the cost


A logo mat will cost from under £100 to a figure running to several hundred - this depending on the type of mat, size and other factors.


Compare this to signage for a business or window engraving, items that can cost far more.


All these items seek to boost the visual appeal of the business; the logo mat does it in a way that is far more cost-effective.


Signage remains key to business and we certainly wouldn’t suggest the choice being an either/or - however when businesses will pay thousands on the sign it makes little sense not to spend on a mat that can have a huge impact for a fraction of the cost.



  1. They help protect the floor


It should not be forgotten that a logo mat has benefits that extend beyond the aesthetic appeal of the mat itself.


The mat ensures that the dirt and dust on visitors’ shoes does not come into your business - thus avoiding damage to the floor, the unattractive appearance of a dirty floor and even a potential slip hazard as the floor gets wet.


The cost of a mat can actually more than pay for itself very quickly by helping you to save on floor repairs - around 1,000 visitors over a period of time can remove up to 40% of the floor’s finish.


The difference is profound - imagine two businesses side by side, offering the same service. One has a high quality logo mat and so also a clean, tidy floor. The other has no mat and a muddy, dusty floor. Other factors being equal, it is obvious which one holds greater appeal.


  1. They can provide supplementary information


The mat could advertise a promotion or a specific product - given the affordable nature of mats this can be a superb marketing tool.


For instance, we have worked with a mobile phone provider to create mats that include details of a prize that was running - customers entering the store had a high chance of then entering and it was already relevant to their shopping intention.


Another example would be in a sports shop, the mat could advertise one specific product or range, drawing attention to an item you are keen to promote or that is in short supply elsewhere.


  1. There are different types of logo mats available


For some businesses, a printed high definition mat will be perfect, others require a coir mat with their superb brushing performance.


The type of mat chosen will also be governed by the overall aesthetic desired - if creating a vibrant logo in full colour is the key aim then a printed mat might be more suitable than coir. Alternatively, coir can be the perfect subtle, high performance logo mat option.


Standard print, premium print, rubber logo and hard-wearing fibre logo mats are all also available, so too bar runners, large promotional runners and anti-fatigue comfort mats.


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