2020 a crazy year so far, but don’t overlook your floor !!!

Posted by John Thorpe on

With fires , floods and global pandemics running a mock your right to think 2020 has been doomed so far , however the green shoots of recovery are here !!  

As governments around the world are starting to ease lock-down and businesses slowly but surely starting to open up , employee physical as well as mental well-being are now increasingly becoming part of every company’s agenda.

Every single person has a responsibility to help minimise any potential for Virus Transmission and I’m sure we will start to see new cultures develop around hygiene in the work place.

With highly visible safety guidelines becoming more and more part of companies polices,  solutions must be fast and of course cost effective to implement and easy to follow.   Many of our work spaces need a little re thinking.  

Your floor can play a massive role in offering simply,  quick,  informative and cost effective solutions allowing you to direct traffic flow to appropriate areas.


John Thorpe

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