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 Entrance mats can serve two purposes - many performing both roles.

 They can be a visual identifier of the business or organisation, boosting brand awareness and creating a welcoming impression. The mats can also prevent damage to the floor by absorbing moisture and dirt from visitors’ shoes - having just 1,500 visitors will remove 42% of the finish from your floor in typical conditions.

In this post, we look at six types of commercial entrance mats you might like to consider. If you need any further advice, please do contact us.

A Basic Indoor Entrance Mat

A purely functional entrance mat can be a cheap purchase that quickly pays for itself.

 An indoor entrance mat in a basic colour - i.e. not a logo mat with your own corporate branding - costs under £40 for a 60 x 85cm version. 

These mats are anti-slip, highly absorbent and also washable. They are a superb option when a mat is needed just for practical reasons and branding is not a prime consideration.

These mats can be perfect within a shopping mall or similar - where they don’t have to withstand the outside elements but will still have high footfall. They will stop the muck on patrons’ feet coming all the way into your shop or office.

These mats can be shipped immediately and would be with you inside a couple of days.

Printed Floor Logo Mats

Printed floor mats add a strong brand identity to the practicality of a basic indoor mat.

A key benefit of this option is that the complexity of the design does not affect the price - the printer simply prints what it is instructed to print.

A large colour palette is available and Pantone matching is possible where required.

The printed logo mats have the same practical benefits as a standard entrance mat but they also boost brand awareness and can help to advertise the business - for instance for food outlets they can help one retailer stand out amidst a sea of competition.

The mats do not cost a great deal more than a more basic, unbranded mat - we cannot think of another way to brand your business so cheaply - certainly the mats compare favourably to options such as new signage or window engraving.

 Quick turnaround is possible and there is no minimum order size - we can also create obligation-free visuals

Coir Logo Mats 

A second option for branded logo mats is to have a coir logo mat. These are made from natural fibres - coir being from a coconut shell husk - and are extremely hard wearing, this shown in the two-year guarantee offered as standard.

Coir logo mats do not have the range of colours of a printed mat, they instead inlay different colour fibres to create a seamless whole - they often work best with the simple use of two or three colours, this can be to take a more complex logo and reduce the colour palette. 

Coir mats are often chosen where there is greater need to catch dirt, perhaps where the location has direct access to the pavement - the durability of these mats and dirt-catching qualities helps to both protect the floor and also keep the floor clean looking.

Without the right mat, the floor can become dirty under heavy footfall creating a look that has the potential to put would-be customers off entering.

 More basic coir mats are available without logo branding, these offering the same durability at markedly reduced price. However, they also lack the visual punch.

Many businesses choose unbranded options for internal facilities, stores facilities for example, but a branded option for any public-facing space.

Outdoor rubber mats

A range of outdoor rubber mats are available, these of course united in being capable of withstanding harsh external conditions.

Outdoor rubber scraper mats are the cheapest option, these wipe the shoes clean and are a very practical option. The mats are non-slip and have a rubber barrier that is designed to remove the dirt before it enters your building. 

Bristle mats have many thousands of bristles and have the advantages of being cleanable simply by hosing and also coming in a range of colour options - scraper mats only coming in black.

The bristle mats can be a superb choice when there is a requirement to clean off significant dirt - as with the scraper mats there is also a bevelled edge so prams and trolleys can be easily wheeled over. 

A third option is the honeycomb design, this allowing water or liquid to pass through, in situations where the mat is likely to regularly face significant water flow these form of mat will often be the best option.

If a logo is required, the outdoor rubber scraper mat can have a printed logo applied, therefore adding branding to the practicality of the mat. 

Outdoor brush logo mats

An outdoor brush logo mat is an option chosen by many leading restaurant chains in the UK - this is because they combine branding with great practicality.

They need their shop front to stand out, but they also need to minimise the amount of moisture and dirt being traipsed into their property - the brush logo mat is often the best option.

While a more industrial mat would have the same practicality, it may not create the same warm feeling, it may not suggest ‘come here family for a nice lunch…’

Our outdoor brush logo mats have the logo cut out and inserted rather than printed, this ensuring the logo lasts the lifetime of the brush.

Cheaper methods lead to mats that quickly look damaged, doing more harm to reputation than good.

 As with the coir mats, these use a subtle range of colours and so the design is often a subtle version of the logo rather than one that includes all the colours.

We can provide free artwork examples so you can get a sense for the final product prior to committing to an order.

 Heavy Duty Floor Mats

 As there name implies, these are an option for when the mat has to withstand heavy footfall and high amounts of dirt and moisture.

These mats look practical and tidy but their primary function is to clean and prevent dirt and moisture coming in and damaging the floor, or leading to the danger of slips.

The mono-filament fibres aggressively scrape dirt, dust and grime with finer carpet fibres absorbing and retaining moisture and finer dust. 

The mats are also designed to ensure minimal movement, staying in place as people give their feet a proper wipe across the mat.

 These mats can also be purchased in large sizes - up to seven metres in length, this ensuring people can’t step over them, they are going to be walking across them, their shoes will be cleaned.

 These mats are popular in a ranger of settings, including hotels, offices and schools.

 How To Choose

 On this site, there are a wide variety of all types of mats, each customisable by size and colour.

 However, we also appreciate that you may well be unsure which type of mat is the best option for your requirements.

If you have any queries, please do contact us for an obligation-free conversation.

We are one of the UK’s leading supplier with three decades’ experience and a wide range of customers that includes offices, shops, restaurants and more.

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