How To Choose The Right Logo Mat

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Of all the many decisions faced in running a business, choosing a logo mat might not seem the most important.

However, getting the right logo mat helps to create an excellent first impression for minimal outlay. Equally, the wrong mat or especially a low quality offering that looks old and damaged does not suggest a vibrant business lies within.

Making the correct choice should not be overly difficult but there are a few things to consider.


 Budget is always a key consideration and while logo mats could never be deemed expensive the price will vary by type of mat chosen. 

Printed logo mats will cost less than Coir logo door mats - coir a natural fibre from coconut husk that is commonly used in doormats, brushes and scrapes, 

A bright printed mat would likely cost under £100 whereas a coir mat would be over £200 - the exact price of course dependent on size and complexity of design.

An outdoor printed rubber entrance mat would cost less than an outdoor brush mat

Set against the budget is the fact that these mats create a visual identity for the business that cannot easily be created so cheaply by other means - for instance signage on the property or window engraving is far costlier.

However, those on the tightest of budgets will want to explore printed mats over coir and brush alternatives. 

Complexity of Design

On any type of logo mat it is possible to incorporate a complex design but the process and finished look are different.

 With a printed mat, the colour and complexity of the design is a non-factor. The price is unaffected, the printer can accurately recreate whatever design has been input. Perhaps the only concern would be that too complex a design might not create the calming mood you are hoping for! 

Coir and brush mats are bespoke and use a smaller range of colours to create the end product. They look classy and refined but will not be the option to choose if you require hot pink and luminous colours.

A coir or brush mat demonstrates quality by being a product with a hand-made look, one where the design is woven into the mat rather than printed on top.

The Location of the mat

The intended placement of the mat is another factor to consider when making your choice.

One example would be whether the mat is from the pavement into your building, or inside a shopping or retail mall. A cafe directly on the pavement might require a brush or coir mat as these have the added benefit of trapping dirt and dust as the customer wipes their feet.

A mat within an office block or retail mall might not have this same requirement for dirt catching, instead simply being bright and vibrant might be the key consideration. If the mat is at the front desk, for instance, few people are likely to use it for wiping their feet, it is purely a visual identifier.

An outdoor mat has to withstand the elements and so will be higher duty than one purely for indoor use. 


 Linked to the location are considerations around the durability of the mat. Will it be exposed to the elements? Is it likely to be spilled on or have hundreds of wet pairs of shoes walking over it every day?

Is it the barrier to an expensive floor and so absorbency is key if damage is to be avoided as people walk onwards into the building?

 Spending a little more on the mat can lead to far greater savings overall, for instance the ‘Premium Entrance Mat’, our most absorbent and durable of these mats, will reduce the amount of cleaning required and lengthen the life of the floor. 

Lift and lay or recessed? 

The simplest option is to have a mat you can simply lift up and lay down wherever you need it, however a recessed option can create a stunning look as it shows real thought has gone into the design, the mat incorporated into the floor and so blending in seamlessly.

A recessed mat can work superbly when the mat is circular in shape or a custom design. 

Get Expert Advice

 Beyond knowing you need an entrance mat, you might not know which one is the best option. You might like the look of one style but be unsure if it is quite suitable for your setting.

It might be that you have a list of functions the mat must include and want the cheapest option that fulfils all these - it must help wipe dirt, it must withstand the elements and it must include certain colours. 

Rather than spending hours agonising and still being slightly uncertain, simply phone us or use our contact form and we will be happy to advise. As a UK leading provider of logo mats for businesses, with three decades’ experience and a five-star rating on Trust Pilot, we can answer any query. 

About Mat Creations

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