Five of the Best Outdoor Mats

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Which is your favourite form of outdoor mat?

If you don’t have an answer to that question, worry not. We’re here to save your embarrassment with our run through of five of the best.

In this group, you will see how outdoor mats can be far more than simply functional, they can also do much to boost brand awareness, work as a marketing tool and even be a source of inspiration. No, really.

Brush Mats

Brush mats are a wonderful choice for high footfall areas, they are built to last and even have a 12-month manufacturing guarantee.

However, these mats also add a touch of class, this shown through clients that include high end Toni & Guy salons.

The brush mats are fully bespoke, with your artwork, logo or text applied to a choice of mat fibre colours. With just one or two colours used in the printing, these create a classical look, one that blends wonderfully with a sophisticated brand.

Bespoke brush mats can also be made to any size and be made as loose lay or made to fit a custom space, such as a recess for a mat.

Fibre Logo Mats

Fibre logo mats allow any business or organisation to faithfully recreate their imagery with pantone matching available.

These mats can catch a customer’s eye - or even someone just wandering by who may be a potential customer. However, they can also be inspirational.

We supply fibre logo mats to leading sport clubs - the message designed to inspire performance as the players run out. Schools are another superb place to see these mats, and the message printed can be the school motto or other wordplay designed to encourage educational excellence. Don’t run in the corridor; that sort of thing.

Once you have a mat you naturally don’t want to have to worry about changing it too often. Worry not, these come with a two-year manufacturing guarantee and 11 - yes 11 year colourfast guarantee.

Cleated Rubber Logo Mats

The cleated mats are a wonderful choice when safety is paramount.

Of course, safety always matters, but these mats stand up to the rigours of regular spillages, for instance in and around industrial settings.

The mats can have bespoke printing - this as likely to be a safety warning as it is an inspirational message. That said, you don’t want people stopping to read clever word play while on the factory floor.

Safety is also highly affordable, our bespoke cleated mats can cost from as little as £65 - this for mats that are oil and chemical resistant, have a five-year guarantee and have an anti-slip and anti-fatigue surface.

Embossed rubber backed mats

Embossed rubber backed mats offer superb function at a very affordable price or - to put it another way - they are suited to very high footfall and yet won’t break the bank.

Quite the opposite in fact, they cost from under £30 at the time of writing.

These mats offer excellent water retention and, to use a technical term, superb scraping of mud and dirt.

We have multiple sizes available and a choice of colours. They are also some of the easiest mats to maintain and reliable too - coming with a five-year guarantee - and an 11-year warranty against significant colour loss.

These are mats that, in the nicest possible way, you can put down and largely forget about.

Obex Prior Outdoor System

The obex prior system is a modular matting solution specifically designed for outdoor usage.

This is a form of matting that can be fitted together to cover a large area, perfect for heavy footfall and where there is a wide entrance, and so the mat needs to cover the width of any queue.

These mats are a superb first form of defence against water and dirt ingress, thus greatly reducing cleaning and floor maintenance bills, also ensuring the floor is less likely to have any issues needing repair.

Of course, there is a safety element too, slips greatly reduced when using the right form of matting correctly - and this is a highly effective form of matting.

One advantage of this form of matting is that damaged sections can simply be replaced, without any need to replace the whole. The advantage of this is clear when you are trying to use a mat to cover an extremely large area, where some form of localised damage to the mat might be expected over time.

That said, each mat secretion has a five-year guarantee so we are not expecting any issues in the short or medium term.

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