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Indoor mats can serve a multitude of purposes. 

Their main job might be to ensure dust, dirt and water does not enter your premises but they can also be a source of information, a marketing tool and also a product that makes great financial sense - reducing the cleaning bill and making expensive floor repairs less frequent.

At Mat Creations, mats are what we do - we have indoor mats for every conceivable purpose.

Here we run through a few of the best options, covering every base (and every floor).

Printed Logo Mats


indoor logo mat

Printed logo mats are hugely popular and it’s not hard to see why. 

They are affordable, they are bright and eye catching, they also perform their basic function of keeping the floor clean superbly.

Our printed logo mats are used in a huge variety of settings - shops, malls, offices, schools, sports clubs and gyms - you name it, we’ve sent a mat there.

Our advanced printing techniques ensure any pantone can be faithfully reproduced, guaranteeing that your logo, text or other imagery is perfectly recreated on the mat.

Printed logo mats can be inspirational - for instance words of wisdom as you enter a school or learning establishment, they can be for marketing - think how the best mats stand out as you wander round the mall. They can even be clever - some businesses will use different mats for different days, perhaps mentioning special offers.

Our printed mats have 11-year colourfast guarantees and they are easy to maintain in a standard 40 degree wash.

They are a wonderful default option.

Single Colour Entrance Mats

Perhaps you don’t need a logo or text, you just want a mat that is functional and smart, but also very affordable.

A single colour mat is just that - it has wonderful functionality, with up to 50% more dirt and water retained than some standard mats, yet costs from under £35 at the time of writing.

With no artwork to be reproduced they are also available immediately, with next day delivery possible.

If you need a mat that simply has to look smart and do its job, but you’re not fussed about it doubling up as a marketing or informational tool, then this will often be the best option.

Comfort Mats

Comfort mats are the best option for those who have to stand for a long period of time - this may be reception staff for instance.

These mats can be printed on to and are fully customisable - whether you choose plain or customised may depend on the visibility, will customers and guests see the mats?

Why have comfort mats? The answer lies in both looking after staff, but also cutting down on days lost to sickness.

Standing for lengthy periods places a strain on the back and legs, over time this is uncomfortable and can also damage the body, this leading to days off work. An employer also has a duty of care to look after staff.

Comfort mats make standing for long periods far less of a burden, they are designed to reduce the strain on the back and legs - they actually work by encouraging very subtle movements, this stops the body from simply locking in position. Think how walking is good for the body, yet simply standing still for hours isn’t - the blood needs to circulate.

Comfort mats cost from a little over £60 at the time of writing - therefore if a mat saves just a single day’s illness over its lifetime it has paid for itself many times over.

Premium Entrance Mats

How do premium mats differ from more standard mats - when would you need this product?

All our indoor mats are of superb quality, but some occasions will need the premium option, this is for when footfall is higher and there is a greater need to clear dirt and water.

If, for instance, you have a hairdressing salon in a mall then you don’t need premium - you’re not exposed to the elements and, while hopefully busy, you aren’t seeing thousands of customers per day.

However, a busy supermarket where people walk in straight from the carpark is different. Here, clearly there is far greater footfall and far more muck walked in.

The premium mats are also ideal when there is more soil being traipsed in - this may be at a pub or cafe at the end of a woodland walk for instance.

We are always happy to advise as to which mat is best for your needs and won’t push the premium option when it is not required.

However, if you have a lot of customers, they walk dirt in and you want a high quality mat guaranteed to last for years, then this may be your best option.

Cleated rubber logo mats

Cleated rubber logo mats provide an extra layer of safety and are perfect in areas where there is the danger of spillages, these including oil and chemicals.

The cleat design scrapes shoes and boots clean while a containment border traps any moisture to stop it travelling on to the floor area.

These mats can be printed with logos, but often this is safety information - for instance a yellow and black design with ‘caution. Watch your step’.

Although we have included these mats in our indoor range, they are just as suited to life outside - these are hard wearing, heavy duty mats that can tackle whatever is thrown at them.

There are three standard sizes - please contact us to discuss any bespoke requirements.

Laminated Advertising Mats

We have so many indoor mat ranges, we really couldn’t decide which to include here - the list is somewhat arbitrary as there are other options that are wonderful for business needs.

However, we had to pick a sixth and have gone for laminated advertising mats, simply because these may be an option you are unaware of.

These mats have the highest graphic capability of all mats, as the name implies whereas other mats are hugely functional, but can also act as a marketing tool, these are all about the marketing.

They are easy to deploy, durable but also eye catching.

They don’t require floor adhesive and so are easily moved, but they are anti-slip. They can be a wonderful quick option - just put them out and you have instant advertising.

About Mat Creations

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