What is recessed entrance matting?

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Many mats sit on the floor, requiring an anti-slip backing so they stay put and do not become a slip hazard in their own right.

However, recessed entrance matting can be a wonderful option - it is stylish, safe and can provide a superb level of cleaning - removing dirt and liquid from the shoes and boots of those who enter.

What is recessed entrance matting? At Mat Creations, we are experts in all forms of matting and so in this page, we provide a quick answer to this common question.

The short answer.

The short answer is that recessed entrance matting is any form of mat that sits inside a well, a small crater.

The mat should fill this crater and lie flush with the surrounding floor, obviously if it sits higher then it may be a trip hazard.

Essentially, it creates a mat that is integrated, rather than sitting on top of the floor.

The benefits of recessed entrance matting.

Recessed matting looks superb. When done well, it shows that clear thought has been given to the entrance, this isn’t a mat just put down without thought, care has been taken to make the recess and then put in a perfectly-fitting mat.

The mats will also be heavy duty and long lasting - if care is given to creating a recess then it is safe to assume that the correct form of matting will be used. Whether it is a form of grid, or an option such as a beautiful coir mat, they are superb at removing dirt and liquid.

Recessed matting is also, by definition, non-slip. A good quality mat should not slip in any case, but one set snug into a recess simply cannot move.

Recessed Mat Options

Creating a recess for the mat does not limit your choices for the style of mat you then incorporate.

We provide a wide range of mats that are suitable to be part of a mat well.

One of the most hard wearing is the Intraform Aluminium System, this is an easy to install plank system. The fitting is similar to laminate flooring, and this option is suitable for areas of medium and high footfall. Polypropylene inserts brush dirt from passing traffic.

Coir logo mats and brush mats are also commonly set into a recess, with bespoke sizes available these mats can be cut to accurately fill any recess.

Printed logo mats and fibre logo mats are also suitable for recesses.

The Recessed Matting Process

While thought should always be given to finding a suitable mat for your needs, recessed matting clearly requires extra forethought.

Creating a recess has a degree of permanence, no business owner, school or similar wants to find that they have created a recessed area that is unsuitable - perhaps not large enough to deal with the dirt and liquid ingress.

We recommend holding a conversation with matting expert to ensure that a recessed mat is the best opinion and, if so, which style of mat and the size recommendation. Rather than using a degree of guesswork, or trying to work out which option is best, this ensures that any matting is truly fit for purpose.

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