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Custom bar runners are a perfect way to add an individual touch to both professional pubs, bars and cafes but also at home and for special events.

These personalised bar runners can be custom printed with any design, logo, text or message and they are also designed to be non-slip and absorbent.

A perfect match of style and also practicality, they protect the surface underneath and can also act as either a marketing tool or a talking point.

At Mat Creations, we are leading UK suppliers of these bar runners, with the highest-quality printing facilities. Making mats and bar runners is what we do - it may not make for great bar conversations, but it does make for great bar runners.

With a small minimum order for just 10 mats, fast leads and at a great price, branded bar runners get your message across in a practical and very useful way.

The Highest Quality Custom Bar Mats

No doubt, you have arrived at this page following a search for custom bar mats or similar and have a setting in mind.

What is more pertinent therefore is who to entrust, who can deliver a high-quality product at a fair price?

At Mat Creations, we are true specialists. Our business is mats and bar runners, we make and supply this product for bars, cafes and pubs across the UK as well as jewellers and every other type of business that likes to apply this finishing touch.

Individuals trust us too, those making a home bar, or home gym, or seeking a bar runner as a finishing touch for a birthday, anniversary, wedding or other celebration.

Our bar runners have a 12-month guarantee and are both made and then printed to the highest of standards - this shown by the companies who use us as their supplier. Our mats and bar runners have been used by the BBC,  Olympic Games, Lego, Adidas, Virgin, Mastercard and other leading companies.

However, they have also been used by small businesses and they sit in home gyms and home bars up and down the UK.

Custom Bar Runners Key Information

  • The bar runners are available in three standard sizes, 23cm x 43cm, 24cm x 89cm and 19cm x 60cm
  • Bespoke sizing also available
  • Made from polyester
  • Photo quality image
  • They protect counter surfaces
  • Absorbent, so soak up spills
  • Anti-slip backing
  • Washable at 40 degrees
  • Stay-flat construction
  • 12-month guarantee

Uses for customised bar runners

Custom runners may be most commonly seen in bars and pubs, but this is not their sole use.

They are used by businesses wherever there is a need to protect the surface from spills, but they can also help to protect clear surfaces from scratches.

One common use is at jewellers or any counter where watches or similar may be displayed. The bar runner - more a personalised display mat perhaps in this case - provides a contrast against which to display the valuable item, for instance enabling the gold to shine that bit brighter.

The bar runners are also increasingly popular both for home bars and home gyms and also to add a creative finishing touch to a special occasion.

Whether it is ‘The Jones Family bar’ or ‘Auntie Ann’s 50th birthday’ - creating a bar runner, complete with custom imagery and text is both a talking point and lovely extra sign of care.

The small number needed for minimum orders and competitive price mean that these bar runners can be an affordable addition to home settings.

Benefits of custom bar runners

The bar runners help to protect surfaces and also absorb spills, but these are not the sole benefits.

Bar runners can also be a superb marketing and advertising tool - promoting a drinks offer, a new product, or perhaps a special upcoming night. You can be as creative as you want - many establishments have a range of bar runners and use these as suitable.

Everyone notices the bar runner, whether it is while they are queuing at the bar, or glancing at the rings and necklaces in the display case below - there are few better opportunities to do a bit of subtle marketing.

They are one of those wonderful products that have both a practical purpose, but also a secondary benefit in that they can increase future business too.

Custom Bar Runner Samples

We are confident that the quality of our products stands out from all rivals.

If you wish to put us to the test, please contact us for a free sample - by all means pour a bit of beer on the bar runner to check its absorbency, but don’t do that with good beer. What a waste. 

About Mat Creations


At Mat Creations, we have a huge range of custom bar runners work with your brand to create a high quality finished product.

We would be happy to provide further advice and give an obligation free quote should that be of use.

Please contact us by calling 0161 320 3637, emailing or sending an enquiry via our Contact Form.

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