Heavy Duty Mats Don’t Have To Be Boring

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Heavy-duty mats might not be a purchase that gets the blood racing - we understand that - but that does not mean they have to be boring.

More importantly, they can be both functional and of benefit as a marketing message.

In this post we outline some of the possibilities and also detail the potential uses for heavy duty mats.

Heavy Duty Mat Uses

Heavy-duty mats is a slightly generic term that can cover a wide range of uses.

These are mats that have to cope with heavy footfall and / or challenging conditions.

It may be, for instance, that they are used on the factory floor where there is potential for spillage and heavy machinery is used.

Alternatively, a heavy-duty mat might be at the entrance to a country pub, where the patrons tend to have muddy feet and the weather runs the full range of UK seasons.

The heavy-duty mat can also be safety matting, or matting around a pool - the need for it to be slip-resistant.

There is not a singular type of heavy-duty matting - instead, specialist mat manufacturers make a wide range of mats that are each suited to specific environments and tasks.

We appreciate that not everyone is an expert in matting types and so are always happy to hold an obligation free conversation to help people make the right choice.

Heavy Duty Mats Doesn’t Have To mean Plain

With heavy-duty matting required the key task is to ensure they are high quality and suitable for the task at hand.

However, in taking the effort to select the right type of matting, and contacting a specialist supplier, it is then possible to have any design, logo or message printed on to them.

This can be a safety message, it can be a simple company logo, or it can be the yellow and black hazard lines when the mat is on the edge of machinery.

However, it can also allow greater creativity in the right setting.

Heavy Duty Mats Can Be

A source of advertising

The mat can advertise special offers, or it can raise brand awareness. When the mat is customer-facing, it is an opportunity to showcase any message of your choosing.

People naturally look down as they brush their feet and so are likely to notice the message, their eye might also be drawn to it as they approach the entrance.

The mat is an item you already require, putting a promotional message on it is simply making good use of an existing asset.

Visually attractive

A heavy-duty mat with a classy logo adds a touch of class to an entrance.

A good example is schools - the mats to the entrance need to be of a high quality to avoid all that mud and rain being traipsed in.

However, they can also be inspirational and help to set the right tone, perhaps by displaying the school badge and a motto, or a reminder for pupils to strive for educational excellence.

The mat goes a small way to ensuring pride is taken in the setting.

Sources of safety information

The mat itself helps to keep people safe, for instance making slips less likely by soaking up spills and water.

However, they can go further than this by also carrying important safety messages - whether this is the classic don’t run, or something more specific to the factory floor.

The mats could, for instance, showcase the route to walk around the factory floor.

With fully bespoke printing the message or information can be whatever is useful to your setting.


The mats can simply tie in with a colour scheme or even bring a touch of colour.

There can be a misconception that heavy-duty mats have to be black, this could not be further from the truth.

Naturally, if they are in a setting where maximum concentration is required you won’t want them to be distracting. A plain black mat might be best.

However, often heavy-duty mats have to be hardwearing but they are in a setting where the threats are more benign - the weather rather than industrial technology.

In this case, there is likely to be no reason the mat has to be black - and so you can instead start thumbing through colour charts.

A sign you pay attention to detail

There is nothing wrong with a mat that is simply fit for purpose, but all it can ever be is functional.

A mat that includes artwork or other design elements demonstrates attention to detail it shows that this is a company or organisation that takes care with every little detail.

This may only have an impact at a subconscious level, but it all helps. Advertising, after all, is all about influencing the subconscious.

Could a heavy-duty mat be the secret weapon in your advertising campaign?

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