How To Order Your Own Logo Mat

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Have you ever seen a bespoke printed logo mat, perhaps at a sports event or luxury hotel and thought something similar would look great for your business?

Or it may be that you have seen a logo mat at a rival school or organisation and wanted one for yourself.

Do you run a tourist attraction and worry that the entrance is a little drab compared to that at some other local tourist traps?

It does not have to be like this.

You too can have a fully bespoke, high-quality custom logo mat at little extra expense and with minimal effort.

In this post, we were going to formulate a step-by-step plan to show how you can get your order your own logo mat, but then we realised it would be a very short list.

However, we then realised that this in itself was great news for anyone wanting a mat. It shows that the process is reassuringly straightforward.

So, here are the steps to ordering a bespoke logo mat.


1. Decide on the logo mat artwork

This step is of course crucial as you want the mat to make an impact.

Do not preempt what might be possible, instead focus on what you really want to show, how you want the mat to look.

 You are likely to be surprised at what is possible, so don’t make compromises that will likely not actually be required.

Instead, think about the aim of the mat’s design. Is it to simply showcase the logo?

Should it have a message, this could be the school logo, equally it could be a marketing message.

Do you want to use the same mat every day, or have different versions to swap between? For instance, a bar might have a mat that mentions live sport ahead of special events - some even went so far as to get specialist mats for events such as World Cups and European Championships. Every match shown live here…

For a business such as a hairdresser, the mat could mention a special offer on a certain day - just make sure to put the mat out on the right morning!


2. Choose the mat type that is best suited to your needs

Do you need a coir mat, or a laminate mat, or a heavy-duty rubber mat?

Maybe you don’t really have much idea which would be the type of matting best suited to your needs!

Rather than guess as to the best option, simply give us a call.

 We will be happy to discuss where the mat will be used, the footfall and other details and suggest the form of matting that would be most suited to your needs.

By working with a specialist mat provider you actually save effort.

 Rather than trying to choose between several types of mat, and hauling yourself around the local DIY store, you simply take care of everything through one phone call, with the assurance that any mat purchased will truly be fit for purpose.

Actually, it may be one phone call and one email - you need to send the artwork across after all.


3. Work out the ideal logo mat size

Really, this point could have been included in the above section, but two points felt far too short for a list.

However, that same conversation can help determine the ideal size of mat.

Three and Easy

It really is that simple. Three steps - and those can be undertaken in any order.

The entire process is to think big in terms of the design and artwork, and then speak to experts to turn that into a reality that is both a stunning design, but also a mat that is fit for purpose.

The benefits of a custom logo mat can be huge. They raise brand awareness, are a source of advertising and also demonstrate attention to detail.

Given these mats have guarantees that last for many years, they are also a choice that makes financial sense too.

There is simply no need to say more. If you want to give the entrance to your property a bit more of a wow factor, give us a call today.

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