How to impress with entrance carpet mats

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You only get one chance to make a first impression - or so the saying goes. An entrance carpet mat can help to ensure that the first impression is favourable.

Admittedly, the entrance mat will not be the only factor that makes up the first impression, however, it will play into this important initial impression.

We’d like to paint a couple of alternate scenarios.

Firstly, imagine turning up at a business or organisation and there being no entrance mat, instead, the floor is mucky, the inside of the building as you walk in full of dirt. You may not actively think ‘they need a high-quality entrance mat’ but you will notice the general level of dirt. It doesn’t speak of a well-run entity.

Alternatively, you might turn up somewhere and there is a mat that is old, worn, dull and in need of shaking out (if not binning). It’s not as egregiously bad as the first example, but it does nothing to create a positive first impression. 

Finally, there is the clean, perfectly sized entrance mat, a mat that is suited to the environment, whether this is the inside of a shopping centre, or entrance to a pub at the end of a muddy, riverside walk.

This logo may even be branded with a logo, text or another message.

The mat shows attention to detail, it also ensures that the inside to the property remains clean and tidy. Nobody will leave thinking ‘I really loved their entrance mat’ but they will leave having subconsciously taken in that the setting was clean, professional and well thought out.

The how-to impress with entrance mats is actually very simple.

We believe it starts with a conversation. Your business or organisation needs an entrance mat, you may not be an expert on the different materials, size options and printing techniques. 

As professional mat manufacturers, we can help you choose the perfect entrance mat by asking just a few simple questions. Where will it be situated? What sort of footfall do you get? 

The conversation can then move to how to make a REAL first impression. Many schools and educational facilities want an entrance mat that displays the school logo and also an inspirational quote to promote learning.

The entrance mat to a hairdresser in a mall might display the name and also the fact that bookings can be made by a simple WhatsApp message. Entrance mats to car dealerships may espouse the benefits of a new model, or mention attractive finance deals.

Space permitting, using several mats to create a stunning entrance is a choice some make - an example of this is sports clubs, or those with a long corridor. Some use this to act as matting all the way from the door to the reception lobby.

How our mats impress business owners

A high-quality carpet entrance mat impresses visitors, but they are also beloved by the business owner, headteacher or building manager too.

The mats are often available for same-day dispatch - we have a huge range in stock, across all colours and sizes. Bespoke mats, including those with custom printed logos take a little longer, but still only a matter of days.

Our mats are also affordable, an obligation-free quote will always be provided. When you factor in the lengthy guarantees, this works out at just a few pounds per year.

We are also firm believers in buy once, buy right. Through having that initial conversation with us, you will get the mat that is ideally suited to your needs. One short chat replacing the need to go round stores, trying to work out what you need, never quite sure if it is truly fit for purpose.

Our mats also impress because they are entrusted by huge brands. We don’t look to name drop, but the BBC, Virgin, Lego, Olympic Games… We have some well-known clients. However, please rest assured that the quality is the same no matter the client - small, local business or global behemoth.

The marketing manager is also a fan of our mats - for a fraction of the cost of window engraving, or a beautiful sign outside the building they have arguably even more impact. After all, everyone entering glances down at the mat, not everyone notices the sign.

An entrance carpet mat may not be the most exciting purchase you will make, but it is one that has both practical benefits and can also boost the impression visitors have of your premises.

Please contact us today for an obligation-free conversation.

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