Are Rubber Mats Worth It?

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Is a one-word blog article acceptable?

Probably not - which is a shame, because we could answer this topic in a single word. Yes! Rubber mats are worth it.

However, we should expand on this point - but for those of you short on time please be aware we won't switch positions. There is no plot twist.

We start this post by arguing that rubber mats are worth it, and that is exactly how we will end it. The middle will be along the same lines too.

Judging whether rubber mats are worth it.

An opening question might be how would you gauge whether rubber mats are worth it? It should be some combination of effectiveness, value for money and durability. We can also hopefully assume that anyone considering purchasing a rubber mat needs a rubber mat - probably the only people they aren’t worth it for are those who have no need for matting.

Rubber mats perform stunningly well in every category.

Value for Money

Outdoor rubber mats can be an exceptionally good value for money - so too the indoor ones for that matter. Our cheapest mats start from under £30 - this for a mat with excellent water and dirt retention, a mat that is non-slip and also guaranteed for five years.

That means that in the worst-case scenario of you having to replace the mat at the end of this guarantee it has cost the grand sum of £6 per year.

Larger mats cost a little more of course, but whatever the size, a rubber mat will always be a highly affordable option.

Cleated mats cost from under £50 and even a cleated mat with your logo of choice printed on in stunning HD colour will cost from under £70 at the time of writing.


When people contact us unsure which mat will be durable enough for their needs, we often point them in the direction of a rubber  mat. They are not the only durable mat - many a pub and other businesses will have a stunning Coir mat for instance, but the rubber mat is an option that, to use a cliche, you can’t go wrong with.

The mat can contain a great deal of dirt and water, at the same time remaining anti-slip. The mats’ backing also ensures they will not rise up, the risk of this being a trip hazard can be created.

Promote the Business

Mats are often understandably seen as a practical purchase and one that is not overly sexy. Reluctantly, we understand this position.

However, have you considered that the humble mat can also be a superb promotional tool. Your business or organisation needs a mat anyway, why not spend slightly more to turn the mat into a key promotional tool.

It can display your logo, or special offer, or any catchy text. Some establishments have different mats for different days of the week - the pub promoting quiz night on a Monday, live sport the following day. Dave the clairvoyant was meant to be in Wednesday but sadly had to cancel because of unforeseen circumstances.

Expensive signs and window engravings are common promotional tools and often money well spent, but don’t forget the humble mat - which costs a lot less, has a practical purpose and is also seen every time someone enters and wipes their feet.

Caring for Employees

Rubber mats can be bought with specialist anti-fatigue properties.

Standing in one position for a period of time can lead to back pains and related health issues. Anti-fatigue mats counter this by making the person standing make subtle movements to adjust their position. The person may hardly notice these changes, but it is enough to keep the blood flowing.

Research has shown that the simple use of these mats can cut backache and problems and so also reduce time off work. 

In other settings, the mats can be used on the warehouse or factory floor, a defence against spills, and they can even be printed with warning signs.

Stress Free

There is enough stress in the world without the purchase of mats being an additional burden.

If you are at all unsure as to which form of matting might be best suited to your needs please just give us a call for an obligation-free chat. We will ask a few simple questions to ascertain the use and placement of the mat and then be easily able to recommend the best options.

If you ultimately want a mat with any artwork printed, it is a simple case of emailing over the files and we’ll do the rest.

All our mats have lengthy guarantees and rubber mats are easy to care for. They’re not a fussy soul, simply give them a hose down, a brush and occasional whack (to free up any trapped dirt) and they’ll be good for many a year.

In conclusion

Are rubber mats worth it?

Well, they are affordable, durable, and potentially boost health and safety too. We haven’t even mentioned that the fact they stop water ingress also cuts your cleaning bill and should extend the life of your expensive flooring.

So, yes, they are worth it. We told you that would be the answer.

About Mat Creations


At Mat Creations, we have a huge range of rubber matting and mats of all types and can work with your brand to create a high quality finished product.

We would be happy to provide further advice and give an obligation free quote should that be of use.

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