Printed Door Mats: The best business welcome

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The title of this post suggests that a printed doormat is the best business welcome. That may sound a bold claim but stick with us.

What would you expect of something that provides the best business welcome? We think the following all matter.

Doormats that are printed promote the business

A printed door mat can of course be printed with any logo, imagery or message. This may just be your logo on a mat for the company, but there is also the opportunity to get far more creative.

You can mention special offers, finance deals, contact details or anything else that grabs attention. Some print slogans and mottos on to their printed door mats.

A Greeting to visitors

While the message printed can be promotional, the title of this post relates to a welcome and ‘buy one, get one free’ whilst appealing, is not welcoming.

What many organisations do is set the tone through their printed mat. Schools and places of education will often have a mat that is inspiring. Businesses will choose wording that is calming and welcome. 

You will know how best to greet your visitors, this may be the wording on your website or promotional material. Whatever it is, putting it also on your printed door mat helps to further imprint the message.

Cleanliness is welcoming with printed doormats

While the printing on the mats adds to their appeal, let’s not forget the primary purpose of mats - to ensure that the surrounding floor remains clean and dirt free.

What is more welcoming - coming into a building that is mucky, perhaps one where the floor is prone to making visitors slip; or a floor that is spotless.

When the right mat is used, dirt and water ingress is reduced to virtually zero. 

Oh, business owners also love the fact that cleaning bills can be reduced - after all, the less dirt that is traipsed in, the less the need to clean quite so regularly. Furthermore, the floor may also suffer less wear and tear - if the flooring needs replacing less regularly, then the savings are huge.

Tailored Welcomes

Many choose to have printed door mats they can alternate - there is a practical benefit in that you can replace one for a day and clean it at your leisure.

However, the real benefit is also in the tailored welcome this allows you to provide. A hairdresser who has different offers on different days might use mats that reflect this - perhaps Thursday is 20% off for all children - off the bill that is, not 20% off all hair.

A pub might mention that live sport is shown there at times, at other times it could promote the superb pub quiz.

Everybody walking past sees this message. At lunch time, a cafe might put out a mat that showcases their lunchtime offer.

A welcome to employees

It is often forgotten that the welcome created is not just for visitors. There is nothing more valuable for any organisation than its employees.

Make them feel wanted, show that the business takes pride in itself. If people walk into a well-maintained entrance, one that is clean and where the mat shows attention to detail, they will feel that bit more enthused than if their walk into the building is through an entrance that demonstrates little love.

A welcome way of doing business

After a stress-free way of ensuring you get the printed door mat suitable for your needs? There is enough stress in the world without the purchase of a door mat adding to it.

We will help you find the mat that best suits your needs through a simple conversation. 

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