Point of Sale Mats

Counter Mats are an excellent point of sale product (POS), promoting your brand identity and products right when you need the exposure most – At the point of sale. Influencing buyers just before purchase decisions are finalised.

When you consider that having effective point of sale advertising can increase your revenue by a minimum of 10%, a well-designed, high quality counter mat is the right choice to make. Putting your brand identity and product offering at the point of maximum exposure is key to your customers being influenced to buy more.

Advertising mats configured to your countertop are also both durable and practical, designed to be used in the countertop space, to offer protection to surfaces whilst reaffirming advertising messages broadcast via, TV or the Press, vibrantly representing colours and imagery to bring wider scale campaigns to the point of purchase.

Let’s talk quality.

Your individual bespoke countertop mat is very durable and provides ex excellent practicality. Designed to be used at direct point of sale, the countertop mat offers protection to surfaces too. Reaffirming your advertising messages broadcast through additional marketing channels, the countertop mat has vibrant colour choices and imagery to bring wider scale campaigns to the point of purchase for your customer. Did we mention that they’re nonslip too, so don’t worry about them being displaced. Simply put them on your countertop and you’re ready to go!

Designed with an anti-slip rubber backing, these POS products will stay in place easily on the vast majority of hard flat surfaces without any additional requirements. Simply place them on the countertop and they’re ready to go, delivering your messages and adverts customer after customer.

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  • Intel Logo
  • TNT Logo
  • Virgin Money Logo
  • Vodafone Logo
  • Lego Logo
  • Betfair Logo
  • Mastercard Logo
  • O2 Logo
  • Wstern Union Logo
  • William Hill Logo
  • Addidas Logo
  • Xbox Logo
  • London 2021 Logo
  • Rio 2016 Logo
  • National Lottery Logo
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