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Let’s think about entrance matting. Let’s think how many ways does a business or organisation have to make an impact on those arriving at the premises?

There are a fair few, and we’ll probably forget one or two in this list. 

There may be direction signs to help people find you.

The building or shop front will have a beautiful sign, perhaps proudly displaying your logo and the carefully selected font.

The window might be engraved or have other imagery, creative ways to make an impression.

Inside, the reception desk might feature a bespoke design and the staff behind it, as well as many other employees wear company uniforms.

You can get fancy and have monitors displaying company messages or information, the luxurious wooden or tiled floor might have a clever design worked in.

All these and more are great options, they can be money well spent, but they are also costly and often hard to change if you fancy a refresh.

We would like to add commercial door mats to the list. You might not give the doormat much thought, but hear us out. The thought you give to this simple purchase can make a huge difference.

The doormat is a necessity, it protects the floor, it prevents water ingress and so helps to eliminate the risk of slips.

However, it can also do so much more. It can boost awareness, it can be a marketing tool, it can promote special offers. It can be creative.

Your Message At Minimal Cost

A door mat is likely to be a necessity for most businesses and organisations, it is something you are going to have to spend some money on. 

Depending on the nature of the premises, this cost will vary - naturally a  business with heavy footfall, and where patrons tend to come in with shoes caked in mud, is likely to need a mat that is heavier duty than one inside a quiet, luxurious shopping mall.

An unbranded version will cost a little less than one with bespoke imagery and design, but not much less - as an obligation-free quote will demonstrate.

For that additional cost you get a mat that does more than simply wipe feet, it also portrays your brand or message.

The sign, the engraved floor, the LED monitors - they are all great options and worth having, but let’s not forget the doormat which costs less, performs an essential other task too and is seen by everyone.

A Message That Is Visible

The doormat is one part of the business that almost everyone notices. As you walk in, you wipe your feet, you have no option but to glance down at the floor and matting.

If the matting is plain you glance down and it creates no lasting impression - you have seen it, but the memory won’t stick.

However, if the mat has some form of wording or imagery then it can have an impact, it can either impart information or just be another little bit of brand awareness. 

Everyone works incredibly hard to keep their name in a customer or user’s mind, every little bit helps. The mat is one part of this whole.

We can’t promise that a branded, eye-catching doormat will lead to endless extra orders and customers, but then you also can’t guarantee the sign, or the logo or any singular thing has this huge an impact. It all helps.


The doormat can be printed to perfectly match your company colours, logo and other imagery. The mat doesn’t have to be a rough approximation of your brand, it can beautifully represent your brand.

Or, it can when you entrust specialist manufacturers of custom doormats.

We are proud to have worked with the likes of Virgin, Mastercard, major sports teams and others for whom image is essential. 

Whether it is the mat across which players run out, the mat to their headquarters, or the mats on the station forecourt, all have to be hard wearing but also eye-catching.

The colours are guaranteed to last too, with mats all carrying lengthy guarantees and being colourfast.

Any Message Possible

The mat can simply display the company name or logo, but it can also be used that bit more creatively.

For a school, it can remind people of the motto, or have an inspiring quote.

For a business it can mention a special offer, some even have different mats for different days of the week - Monday is 10% off day, Tuesdays 2 for 1.

With the sign or window engraving it is of course not practical to change regularly, however, the mat is a far easier way to push multiple messages. 

Many opt to have one mat that is the all-rounder, good for any time, but then have others for specific promotions or events.

An example might be a bar - watch the match here tonight, or drink offers during the game. 

The mat can even be informational - a hairdresser that happens to have spaces in its books can have a mat for just such an occasion - walk-in appointments available.

If the mat fills one empty slot in the appointment book it has not only paid for itself, it might also have found you a repeat customer.

No Added Effort

While it might look to patrons that a great deal of thought has gone into the mat, this does not have to be the case.

You will need to put a little bit of thought into the mat. What size should it be, which material?

But when you work with a specialist manufacturer like us, we help you with these questions, asking where you need the mat, how heavy duty it needs to be, how much use it will get, whether it will be exposed to the elements to ensure you get the right mat for your needs.

This can actually be far quicker than trying to do it all alone, researching different mat options in the hope you pick the best option.

Working with specialists ensures you get a mat that is suitable and also looks superb.

Joined Up Thinking

For added impact, any message can be extended across multiple mats - or the mats can work together to tell a customer story.

If a car showroom offers a simple four-step process, these four steps could be outlined in successive mats as you walk through the entrance.

As remarkable as it sounds, the humble doormat allows you to truly get creative with your marketing.

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