Why Made to Measure Mats can Benefit your Business

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Doormats and entrance mats can be perfectly tailored to the building they are serving by opting for bespoke, made to measure mats.


While in many cases, standard sizes might be fine, sometimes there is a desire to go beyond just 'fine'. Choosing a made-to-measure option ensures the mat is truly fit for purpose and also creates the visual impression you are striving for.


The custom sized mats can make an eye-catching impact, demanding attention from people as they walk towards the entrance. Alternatively, opting for made to measure door mats can help the mat blend in, making it functional but subtle - you may not want the doormat to be the key feature as people walk into your beautiful building.


A huge range of made to measure matting is available, a choice that providers a number of key benefits.


Bespoke Mats - The Benefits


Safety first


Having a mat made to measure ensures it fulfils its primary function - it is a suitable size to ensure that muck, dirt and liquid does not enter the property, instead staying outside where it should be.


If instead a mat that is too small is chosen, it may be unable to cope with the footfall.


By opting for a custom-sized mat, you will also naturally enter into a dialogue with the professional mat supplier and so you can check with them that your mat seems suitable for purpose.


Opting for a custom size also ensures thought is given to the mat. Rather than simply finding a mat almost at random and assuming it will be OK, that little bit of extra thought helps to ensure it will be the right size and style.


A Positive First Impression


A mat may seem like a fairly inconsequential purchase, but everyone entering the building is going to see it.


Custom sizing means that there is no need to compromise on your design or artwork.

The made to measure mat can be big and bold - a true statement as often seen on the entrance to a sport stadium or other form of leisure activity.


Think of a theme park, small, bland mats would hardly create the right impression of oversized excitement. A logo mat also demonstrates attention to detail.


Cut to size, the mats will fit whatever width and length is required, there won't be a slightly awkward impression of them not quite fitting as intended.


Bespoke Printing Options


All entrance and doormats can be printed, making them both a source of information and tool in boosting brand awareness.


The logo can be printed on to the floor mat, or it could be safety information such as Covid-19 related markers to ensure social distancing.


Businesses and organisation spend a huge amount to market their services and boost brand awareness. A mat cannot solve this on its own, but it is an affordable way to further develop the brand.


A made to measure mat that is truly bespoke will help any business or organisation stand out in a very positive way.




Made to measure door mats do not have to be an expensive option.


To use our own service as an example, while we do provide standard sizes of many mats, opting for bespoke often only increases the price a little, yet can create far more impact.


Please simply request an obligation free quote to see how going for truly personalised would compare to a more standard matting option.


Materials for Custom Sized Made to Measure Mats


Made to measure, cut to size mats for the entrance, door mat or other purpose can be made in a wide range of materials.


The correct material will vary by the use, amount of footfall and factors such as weather conditions.


Please simply get in touch if you are unsure which form of mat might be most suitable - we are happy to provide obligation-free advice.


Full details of every form of custom made mat are available on site so we won't repeat all the details here.


However, the choice includes:


Printed logo mats - these are anti slip and trip yet made to measure mats can cost from as little as £45 at the time of writing. They have an astonishing 11-year colourfast guarantee.


Hardwearing fibre logo mats - as the name implies, these mats are tough, and yet still create a superb visual. An example of use is as players run out on to the pitch (and back off) at professional football and rugby grounds.


Brush mats - extremely durable, these are a classy mat that are available in eight colours. Bespoke sizes are available so these can be a wonderful made to measure entrance.


Coir Matting - Affordable, yet impactful, custom size Coir mats can come with custom design and be made in any size the client demands.


Why Buy Made To Measure Mats from us?


Mat Creations are the leading specialist manufacturer and supplier of bespoke entrance mats.

We supply the highest quality printed mats to all kinds of commercial and industrial businesses and have a solution for every type of matting requirement.


The mats we supply are always tailored to individual project requirements, colour, sizes, design and specifications reflect the particular needs of each project. And although specialised this is done quickly with our customers dates in mind.


Commercial matting is diverse and addresses many requirements from keeping the dirt out of your building, preventing accidents, making the right first impression to in store marketing and as such we have a very highly trained team to help you.


All our team have many years of experience with the products you'll find on our site and each member will also have their own fields of expertise that can be called on for the more demanding projects.


Our objectives are simple, we want to clearly understand your needs, offer the correct advice and products then supply you quickly offering a hassle and trouble-free experience.


Please contact us by calling 0161 320 3637, emailing sales@mat-creations.com or sending an enquiry via our Contact Form.


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