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At Mat Creations we are UK leading specialist manufacturers of entrance matting. 

We are a company you can trust to deliver the mats you need that are perfect for their intended use. 

They will ensure safety, protect the floor and they can also be vibrant and display any brand or marketing information or imagery you want.

However, we know how it is easy to be cynical. We would say we are a company you can trust.

Proof is far better, so here are the reasons why Mat Creations can be entrusted to provide you with the entrance matting you require.


We specialise

Creating mats is what we do. Door mats, entrance mats, safety mats, mats to reduce injuries caused by standing for lengthy periods of time.

Our team all have many years’ experience designing and manufacturing mats.

We could talk about mats all day (though we appreciate that may not be what you want.)


The proof is in our clients

We make mats for companies for whom image is essential, and who demand quality.

Mats have been created for Lego, Virgin, Toni and Guy, Mastercard, Adidas, O2, successive Olympic Games and so many more companies for whom brand is all-important.

These clients, as with all clients, also need to ensure their premises remain clean and muck free - the mats must do their job. The mats also have to minimise all risk of slip damage, ensuring customer and employee safety, and also that there won’t be the danger of being pursued for negligence.

All clients receive the same high levels of service - our technology is agnostic towards the size or reputation of a client, it makes the same high quality mats regardless of who the end user may be.


Mats that are Guaranteed

Our entrance mats carry a minimum of a two-year guarantee and so you can buy with confidence. 

Some mats have guarantees that greatly exceed this too - our printed logo mats have an 11-year colourfast guarantee!

We believe that you should only have to pay once for a high quality entrance mat, and our guarantees ensure this is the case.


High quality printing

Whether it is a printed logo mat, hard-wearing coir mat or another form of mat, the quality of print will be superb.

We have invested and continue to invest in the latest printing technology to ensure both that imagery can be faithfully recreated but also that this lasts - after all, we have those lengthy guarantees to honour.

Words are never the best means of displaying imagery, and so we recommend browsing through some of the images both on this page and on site.


We work with clients to ensure the mat fits their needs

We are experts in entrance mats, most people outside of our business aren’t.

 We know that the typical business owner or person in charge of purchasing items such as mats will have many skills, but they may not be a leading authority on types of entrance mat and their relative suitability.

Simply give us a call or drop us a mail and we can have an obligation free conversation about your requirements.

 By giving us a few bits of information, we can start to assess which type of mat would be best suited to your needs, make recommendations and, if desired, provide an obligation free quote.

This process actually makes ordering mats quick and easy, as you have the assurance that you are getting a suitable product, rather than having to do a tonne of research and still being unsure whether you should have opted for a different option.


Fast Turnaround

Because we are set up solely to make mats, we have an extremely fast turnaround.

Plain mats which aren’t printed with bespoke imagery or text can often be offered with next-day delivery.

For mats with custom artwork there is typically a five to seven working day turnaround - this from artwork being agreed to the mat arriving at your front door.

If you need even faster delivery, please contact us as we will meet all delivery needs where possible.


Safety First

Entrance mats may be there to ensure patrons quickly wipe their feet and to then keep the floor clean, but they can also be an important element in helping to keep people safe.

When there is water ingress on to the floor, the chances of people slipping increase greatly. With luck, this slip will be very minor, a small embarrassment at worst, but it can be far more damaging. 

A slip can lead to personal injury and then lead to a claim of neglect against the business. If the floor was slippery and there were no warning signs, then this is a clear oversight.

We produce mats that have to be suitable for around water, including swimming pools. We make slip resistant mats for factories and warehouses. We make mats that ensure no water escapes on to the beautiful shiny wooden reception floor, a floor that can easily become slippery.

We fully appreciate the need for safety and will always ensure that any mat we recommend is suitable for this element of its job.


We are affordable

A high quality entrance mat does not have to cost much more than the bargain basement offer you pick up from the local DIY store. When you factor in longevity, that our mats are guaranteed to last, you are actually likely to save money in the long run.

On this site, there is pricing information on every type of mat and we will happily provide obligation free quotes for you to consider.

About Mat Creations

All our team have many years of experience with the products you'll find on our site and each member will also have their own fields of expertise that can be called on for the more demanding projects.

Our objectives are simple, we want to clearly understand your needs, offer the correct advice and products then supply you quickly offering a hassle and trouble free experience.

Please contact us by calling 0161 320 3637, emailing or sending an enquiry via our Contact Form.

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